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These are some old scans from their old album.. its very HQ and B I G~ i just wana share with all the cassies out there.. nice pictures.. they all look so young and cute~

 1_Triangle.jpg picture by any2person

1_Triangle_2.jpg picture by any2person

1_Triangle_JJ.jpg picture by any2person

1_Triangle_JJ2.jpg picture by any2person 1_Triangle_JS2.jpg picture by any2person

1_Triangle_JS.jpg picture by any2person

1_Triangle_mYC.jpg picture by any2person

1_Triangle_mYC2.jpg picture by any2person  1_Triangle_mYH2.jpg picture by any2person

1_Triangle_mYH.jpg picture by any2person

1_Triangle_CM.jpg picture by any2person

1_Triangle_CM2.jpg picture by any2person

1_Triangle_w1.jpg picture by any2person

1_Triangle_wJJ.jpg picture by any2person

1_Triangle_wCM.jpg picture by any2person

1_Triangle_wJS.jpg picture by any2person

1_Triangle_wYC.jpg picture by any2person

1_Triangle_wYH.jpg picture by any2person

  1_Triangle_w2.jpg picture by any2person

Credits: as tagged + DBSKbr


You can find more pictures in our Any2person photobucket!

password: any2person

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When filming Wrong Number MV

These are some pix of dbsk filming wrong number mv:

Fans speculate that the next PV/MV will be Crazy Love or Wrong Number, and there is mention of it being a Ferrari or an Aston Martin.. until the car pics finally came out… and the title of the next single-made-PV… Naver already filled several pages of blogs about it, and I had to sift through most of them to get more info xD

Apparently, while Yoochun had the cool car at Purple Line, Junsu will be the one holding the gear this time for Wrong Number xD The car is an Aston Martin Vanquish (isn’t it sexy?)

The PV was shot in a certain place in town at Oct. 27 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.


and the car looks greay with JunSu!! xD

– JiN

Kohaku uta gassen (Red and White Song Battle) press conference pictures

TVXQ Lotte calender 2009

Credits: as tagged + DNBN + fangirlmitz
These are some scans i found in the internet.. i hope to get 1 too~
– JiN

Mirotic Banners~

I got internet connection problems lately.. can’t really go on9.. wheni can’tgo on9.. i made some banners.. This is it!! DBSK Mirotic banners!! don’t critic if its not pretty.. coz i’m not really an expert in photoshoping.. keke~ anyway.. please remember to leave some comments and credit us if u take out the banners!!

p.s. somehow.. it is used for spamming too~


DBSK group banners

miro1.jpg picture by any2person 

miro2.jpg picture by any2person 

miro3.jpg picture by any2person 


Uknow YunHo

miroho.jpg picture by any2person 

 miroho1.jpg picture by any2person

miroho2.jpg picture by any2person 


Hero JaeJoong

mirojae.jpg picture by any2person 

mirojae1.jpg picture by any2person 

mirojae2.jpg picture by any2person 


Micky YooChun

mirochun.jpg picture by any2person 

mirochun1.jpg picture by any2person 

mirochun2.jpg picture by any2person 


Xiah JunSu

mirosu1.jpg picture by any2person 

mirosu.jpg picture by any2person 

mirosu2.jpg picture by any2person 


Max ChangMin

miromin.jpg picture by any2person 

miromin1.jpg picture by any2person 

miromin2.jpg picture by any2person 



Remember to credit us whentaking out these banners!! helpus to spread some DBSK love and promote Any2person to everybody else too!! TQ!!

– JiN

Micky Loves Hats!!!

May D'Agosto *¬*님이 촬영한 añañaña momo nyaaa uuu xDD. 

I love this picture so much!! he’s so cute~

May D'Agosto *¬*님이 촬영한 a lo michael jackson xD.

 very cool pose~

May D'Agosto *¬*님이 촬영한 sexon.

 ToHoShinKi Micky YooChun

May D'Agosto *¬*님이 촬영한 Con yunhito xD. 

classic airport look

May D'Agosto *¬*님이 촬영한 Con una oveja en sima XDD. 

Mr. snowman.. you lose.. YooChun is more cuter..

 May D'Agosto *¬*님이 촬영한 Con pitillos xD.Bi'm님이 촬영한 48.

 Bi'm님이 촬영한 16.Bi'm님이 촬영한 85.

that beret looks cute on him..

balloonslive4.jpg balloons live 4 image by christinenj

 Bi'm님이 촬영한 Yoochun-con dê của DBSK.

ECA095EC8389ECA480EC88981.gif DBSK TVXQ Tohoshinki balloons image by screwudude

that cute pink jacket has a hood and he looked good in it.. with those cuuuuute bunny ears.. no wonder our tiger wants to bite him that much..



Lastly, this extra is for those who are drooling out there..

May D'Agosto *¬*님이 촬영한 transpiraditu. 

please.. stop drooling.. start nose bleeding… kaka~

This is another thing i found when searching for all this pix..

Balloons-Making_Jaesu.gif touching butt!~ image by aizamiaboojaejoong

haha! now its JaeJoong’s turn to grab JunSu’s duck butt!! i think.. he’s like:”rawr! i saw a sheep’s butt looking like a duck’s butt! rawr!”


credits to all the sites that posted up these pictures, especially photobucket.. i got these pictures from there the most.. and.. more pictures will be uploaded soon~


Yoosu Gifs

The first blog on our Any2pictures will be a combination of our husbands~ — YooSu!! The cute brotherly love that you can’t resist will definitely melt you down!! YooSu cuteness bombs.. ATTACK!!

tohoshinki345.gif yoosu image by yutayunho tohoshinki792.gif yoosu image by yutayunho tohoshinki793.gif yoosu image by yutayunho tohoshinki186.gif yoosu image by yutayunhoyoosu yoosu yoosu yoosuYoosu yoosuyoosuyoosu yoosu Yoosu Penguins yoosuyoosu boom 316w7rd.gif YuSu

a13-9.gifa14-7.gif yoosu hotYoosu YoosuYoosuYoosu


OH! I found something funny!!! haha~


May D'Agosto *¬*님이 촬영한 Con peluca.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? OMG! this is hilarious.. kakakakakakakaka~

I now present the Gag King Award to our Mr. Park Micky YooChun.. The best Gagman in Dong Bang Shin Ki!!

*haven’t even mention bout the pictures from Happy Together…

– JiN